About Me
From a young age he has always had a strong connection with the arts due to an old friendship his parents had with a painter. Painting as a form of expression has always fascinated him and, although in a very amateur way, he painted some pictures when he was still very young. During his adolescence and youth he photographed with “point and shoot” cameras. The year 2002 is the turning point in his photographic journey when he acquires his first DSLR and meets two photographers that would mark forever his photographic journey, Joel Santos and Pedro Bento.

Workshops & Photo Tours
He is a co-founder of PRIMEIRA LUZ project, and since 2007 he has given photography Workshops regarding various topics and leaded several Photo Tours in Portugal and abroad.

Media and Press
His work has been published in several national and international magazines such as “O Mundo da Fotografia Digital“, “Super Interessante“, “Edit Mag“, “Photo Art“, “Foto Plus“, “Digital Photo” and “Super Foto“.

Nuno has also made part of several photographic, collective and individual exhibitions. He was also nominated as a jury on several photography competitions.

Traveling is one of his great passions and so far he has visited more than 25 countries. Of the countries already visited, always with the intention of photographing them, the highlights are Namibia, Indonesia, India, Laos, China, Cambodja, Brasil and Scotland.
After so many trips, he says the most beautiful country in the world is Portugal.